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Putting words to your vision, ideas, books, and products.

If you're ready to finally write that book or you need help coming up with a topic, idea or direction for your book - then let me Coach Val, your Writer, Editor, and Book Coach Excel-erator, walk with you through the process.

And if you need help doing it all, my Done For You services will get your book written, printed and published. All services include editing, layout, and cover.

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Take the step. Make the leap. Write the book. It’s in you! You will succeed.

Valerie McDowell is an artful painter whose paintbrush is the pen.  Her writing portrays both boldness and fearlessness, tackling the issues of the heart.  Hers is a refreshing style of prose; a professional whose concise diction and attention to detail is second to none.

Monica Settles. M.S.

Educ. w/Spec. in Literacy & Learning

Literary Resource Professional

English Department, Chair

Fairfax County, VA, Prince George's County, MD Public Schools

Oh Boy!:
A Collection of Short Stories and Observations from the World of Boys for Mothers.

Available on Amazon
Return on Investment:
God's plan to get out of you what he put in.

Available on Amazon
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